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OWL Capture Component

Attach this to any Unreal Camera/ Cinecam to output it's content to a Render Target (with alpha/ HUD)
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The OWL Capture Component can be attached to any Unreal Camera/ Cinecam to output its content to a Render Target in-Editor or at-Runtime:

  1. It's called 'Capture' because it captures the video of the Camera/ Cinecam to a Render Target:
  2. You can attach it to any Unreal Camera or Cinecam using the 'Add Component' button in their 'Details panel:
  3. It has a number of Off World Live augmentations such as Alpha output, customisable UMG for HUD/ Burn-Ins and Render Flag control:
  4. It's really useful with Sequencer, because you can set up your shots with Unreal Cinecams and then attach the OWL component to automatically live-stream (with a 'Pause Rendering' feature which you can toggle via blueprints).
  5. It's perfect for live-streaming because you can use DLSS and viewport on/off toggle to massively increase your GPU performance i.e. FPS/ resolution:
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