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How to live-stream zero-latency video from OBS Studio to Unreal Engine

The easiest and most powerful way to live-stream from OBS Studio to Unreal Engine
Written by OWL
Updated 8 months ago

The OWL Spout Receiver Manager and Spout plugin for OBS Studio can be combined to instantly send any OBS video to Unreal Engine:

  1. Ensure that you have our Spout plugin for OBS installed.
  2. Select the video feed that you want to stream out from OBS Studio so it is showing in your OBS canvas and then select 'Tools'> 'Spout Output Settings':
  3. Give a name to your output and press 'Start' to stream it to Spout:
  4. In Unreal, select 'OWL Spout Receiver Manager' from the 'Place Actors' panel, drop it into your scene and go its Details panel:
  5. In the Details panel, add a new Array element, create/select a Render Target and then select your OBS output name from the drop-down of Spout inputs:
  6. Find your Render Target in 'Content Browser' and drop it onto any asset in your Unreal level and you will see your OBS Studio video feed instantly appear:  
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